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Winter 2021

Dear Reader ~

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks of 2020 as that lost year. Maybe toss in 2021 as well. I find myself referring to last year (2020) when I mean 2019 – the last year things were happening. Except for the birth of our grandson Gethin in June of 2020, nothing was happening around our house. Lots of reading, writing, and playing with the dogs. I discovered napping (a new Olympic event? I’m in!) and I even baked bread. Okay, I used a bread machine, but still. I measured the ingredients and tossed them into the machine, so that counts in my book. Made soup. Read a lot of books. Missed my oldest daughter and her family. A lot.

Things I didn’t do in 2020? Travel. Meet friends for lunch. Go out to dinner with, well, with anyone. Host my kids and their kids for long weekends. Bake birthday cakes for anyone. Go anywhere without a mask. Shop in real stores.

I think you get the picture. I bet some of you have lists that look a lot like mine.

But it’s the end of 2021, and even now, things are a bit iffy. Masks are again required accessories in some establishments. Covid is ramping up its ugly little self again and has even conjured up a new variance to bedevil us. But we know that can and probably will change more than once between now and this time next year.

The only thing I can tell you I’m sure of right now is that in May of 2021, I launched an all-new women’s fiction series with AN INVINCIBLE SUMMER, the first book in my Wyndham Beach series, set on the southern coast of Massachusetts. The books follow the lives of three women who are true forever friends – they first met in kindergarten and have remained close through the years. The series begins as their fortieth high school reunion looms.

Widowed Maggie, the one who left for college and never came to stay, is on her way to Wyndham Beach from her home on Philadelphia’s Main Line. She’s dreading the inevitable run-in with her high school sweetheart with whom she shares a secret that even her best friends don’t know. It’s a secret that’s about to be discovered by Natalie, the younger of her two daughters. Maggie’s life is going to change in a way she never dreamed possible.

Liddy is a stalworth member of the community – the one who’s volunteered for just about everything over the years – but she carries an ache in her heart that will never go away. Two years ago her only child took her life, and a year to the day later, Liddy’s husband left her. She’s learned to live without her ex, but she knows she’ll never stop grieving for her daughter, just as she knows she will most likely never know why Jessica chose to end her life.

Emma, like Maggie, is a widow, her husband gone eight years. Her only  child, her beloved son, Christopher, is a bona fide international rock star whose father had wanted him to follow in his footsteps, first to Harvard, then to the corner office of the local bank as its president -  neither of which worked for Chris but which drove a wedge between father and son that was never resolved. All Emma really wants is for Chris to settle down in Wyndham Beach with a nice girl – not one of the models or actresses he’s seen with so frequently, none of whom he’d ever brought home to meet his mother. Yes, a nice, down-to-earth daughter-in-law would be lovely, especially one who wants a houseful of kids for Emma to spoil.

These three friends have, through the years, supported each other, laughed with each other, loved each other, and when it’s been necessary, they’ve forgiven each other.

Here’s what some other reviewers have said about AN INVINCIBLE SUMMER:

“A multigenerational storyline, an idyllic setting and a new series from one of my tried and true authors? Yes please! As much as I loved the setting and the premise of this one, the characterization is where it really shines. A truly heartfelt read that I enjoyed so much, can’t wait to see what the next book is about.”   Novel Gossip

“This book was raw and real. Stewart crafted beautifully imperfect characters that allow us to see ourselves in their struggles.  This book also gives off what I’d consider Virgin River vibes, so if you like that series, grab this one and give it a try.” @stumblingintobooks

“There is so much I loved about this read. The setting of Wyndham Beach is gorgeous, I could smell the sea air, feel the warmth of the sun as the women took their coffee and sat watching the horizon…I loved the female relationships in the book. This was such a celebration of life and especially of women of ALL ages.”   @salboreads

“This is a story of three women and their relationship along with their family ties. It’s heartwarming, and even a little heartbreaking…”  A Midlife Wife

“What a down to earth, heart filling and sentimental read… A very enjoyable read about love, loss and second chances and it is a page turner. “ @momfluencer

“(Stewart’s) writing is extremely engaging and the author really brings to life the dynamics of long-time friendships and relationships…I couldn't help but fall in love with this book.”   Where the Reader Grows

There were lots of others, but well, I think you got the message: this is a book about families and friendships, friends who become family, love and loss and forgiveness – and so much more. It was truly a labor of love to write this book, and I hope you love it, too.

AN INVINCIBLE SUMMER is available now – right now! - so I think now’s a good time to grab a cup of whatever-floats-your-boat, pull up a comfy chair, snuggle under something cozy and warm, escape from the holiday madness, and dive in to the story.


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PS: Book 2 in the series – GOODBYE AGAIN – is scheduled for release on February 8, 2022. It's already available for preorder right this minute (and has another glorious cover!).

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