A Hudson Sisters Novel #3
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“Loaded with appealing down-home characters and tantalizing hints of mystery that will hook readers immediately… Stewart expertly combines the inevitable angst of a trio of sisters, a family secret, and a search for an heirloom necklace; it’s an irresistible mix that will delight readers. Masterful characterizations and well-timed plot are sure to pull in fans of romantic small-town stories.” — Publishers Weekly

Spring 2019

Dear Reader ~

I’m going to ignore the fact that I haven’t updated this page in…well, more time than I like to think about. My excuse is simple: I get caught up in writing and I forget there’s anything else in the world.

Except my grandkids of course. Last time we talked, I had three grandsons courtesy of our older daughter, Kate. Now there are five — the same three grandsons, but both our daughters had daughters — six weeks apart to the day! How’s that for timing? So now, Cole, Jack, and Robb have a new sister — Camryn Jane — and a new baby cousin, Charlotte Campbell Jones. Both healthy (thank God!), both sweet, and both adorably gorgeous baby girls! How lucky and how blessed is this family?!

So you’re probably wondering what I was working on all those weeks and months I was neglecting my website, er, writing. If you’ve been following my books, you know of course it’s book three of the three Hudson Sisters series novels, THE GOODBYE CAFÉ! This is Allie’s book, the one where she either gets her life together, or she doesn’t. She’ll figure out that she needs to change and whether or not she’s strong enough — or not. She’ll find out if there’s something more than snark between her and that pesky chief of police, Ben Haldeman, or not. She’ll go back to her life in California, or not. To tell you the truth, it was a toss-up, writing her story.

Meanwhile, there were questions to be answered: where is the emerald necklace? Who is the mysterious J? What’s the end game going to be for Cara and Joe? Will Des return to her rescue shelter in Montana and leave Seth in the dust of his Harley? And will Barney finally find out what happened the day her fiancé fell from a rock into the falls, and died?

I’ve loved my Hudson sisters, and I have to say, it was so hard for me to say goodbye to Allie, Des, and Cara — not to mention Barney and Nikki! I’ve written forty plus books, and I’ve loved every one of them and each and every character. But for some reason, this series really got into my heart, and I’m really going to miss Hidden Falls in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Maybe you will, too.

Love ~

Click on the chapters below for a sampling of THE GOODBYE CAFÉ!

Chapter One

Chapter Two

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