Book 2 in the Hudson Sisters Series
ON SALE MAY 15!!!!!

“Catnip for women’s fictions fans” — Booklist

Happy Spring, everyone!

Have you waited as long as we here in Southeastern Pennsylvania have for winter to GO AWAY? We had snow a Nor’easter, even in April! Actually I think it was two Nor’easters (of course, it could have only seemed like two). Not funny, Mother Nature! But it’s okay now temperatures are into the seventies and colorful spring blooms are popping up everywhere. We put out our hummingbird feeder the last week of April even though we haven’t seen any birds yet we just wanted to make sure the welcome sign was out when our little friends arrived.

Of course, the warm weather means more time spent outside. For me, that’s time spent in our garden, and one of my personal favorites sitting on the porch or the deck or poolside, a cool drink in one hand and a book in the other. And that, my friends, is my cue to let you all know that THE SUGARHOUSE BLUES goes on sale on May 15 (I’ll give you a minute to write that down…).

The second book in my women’s fiction series about the Hudson sisters, THE SUGARHOUSE BLUES continues the story of how Allie, Des, and Cara try to fulfill the terms of their father’s will by completing the renovations on the old theater. Built in the 1920s by their great-grandfather, the girls discovered the Sugarhouse needed just about everything when they arrived in Hidden Falls, PA, where their family had been prominent for well over a hundred years. If you read THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE (book one in the series, and if you didn’t, why not? But for heaven’s sake, catch us! It’s not too late!), you know how hard the sisters worked to renovate the old place. You know there were other secrets revealed and discoveries the sisters made about each other — and about themselves in the process.

Allie, Des, and Cara had come close to the finish line in Last Chance, but in THE SUGARHOUSE BLUES, they’re faced with a setback when a summer storm blows shingles off the roof and water damages the gorgeous hand-painted ceiling. This unfortunate event, combined with the fact that they’re running out of money, means someone’s going to have to figure out some clever means of raising the funds, and someone’s going to have to figure out how to repair the ceiling. Finding the money is Des’s job — she’s in charge of finances and she has a few cards up her sleeve. But the aesthetics fall within Allie’s realm of responsibility and finding an artist to repair the ceiling will be the tougher job by far. So while Des can apply for grants to cover expenses, finding a skilled artist they can actually afford is something else entirely.

That, of course, is the short version.

There are more family secrets to be revealed and new relationships to explore, along with the challenges of life with three women in their thirties, their seventy-something year-old aunt, and a teenage girl. What could possibly go wrong?

As #1 bestselling author Robyn Carr put it, “Prepare to fall in love with this amazing, endearing family of women.

And as a reviewer on GOODREADS said, “(THE SUGARHOUSE BLUES) is a charming read, replete with a 4th of July parade, cookout, a sexy mayor who is also a farmer and a Harley rider, and lots of cute animals that never misbehave. Sheer perfection as far as plot and character development. I can’t wait for the next book.” (Thank you, Janilyn Kocher!).

THE SUGARHOUSE BLUES goes on sale MAY 15 — I hope you love it!

Happy reading!

Love to listen? The audiobook edition of THE SUGARHOUSE BLUES is also out now! Hear an excerpt from @Simon & Schuster Audio
Or download your copy here:
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